Calculate Key Metrics to Achieve 100% ROAS

Fast and easy way to determine the metrics required to meet your desired payback period

Target Metrics Calculator to Achieve the Payback Period

This tool will help you quickly understand what metrics you need in order to achieve the payback period.

Target Metrics Calculator Interface

1. Get Insights on User’s Value

This tool is based on several predictions. The first forecast is LTV (lifetime value), which helps to understand how much money your users bring to you and what the dynamics of these payments are.

2. Build the LTV Forecast

Next, we build forecasts for all key events in order to understand the dynamics of the accumulation of their numbers over the payback period you need.

3. Define Your Further Steps

By estimating the LTV and the events, we determine how much each event that accumulates in a cohort of users for each day until the desired payback period can be worth.

Target Metrics Calculator Main Table

Easy to Calculate All Metrics at Once

To calculate all key metrics, you need to select only the payback period.

Target Metrics Calculator Payback Period

Possibility to Filter Out Any Data

For calculations, you can filter out any data. For example, you can select the data by users acquired through Facebook Value Campaigns or other types of user acquisition optimization.

Insights on User Acquisition Performance

You can understand user acquisition performance in advertising accounts based on the results of the key metrics calculator. Especially useful with SKAd iOS conversions.

Target Metrics Calculator Filters

Forecast Quality Score Availability

There is also a forecast quality indicator that helps determine if you have enough data to build an accurate forecast.

Target Metrics Calculator Forecast Quality Score

Advanced Metrics Calculation

We calculate all key metrics: cost per purchase, cost per paying user, cost per install, cost per trial, cost per subscription, and ROAS (Return on ad spend). We can add more if you need them.

Target Metrics Calculator Advanced Metrics

When working with forecasts, it is important to keep in mind that the revenue prediction is based on actual data. None of the predictive models can take into account factors such as your future app content, monetization events, live ops, or support quality. Your team should know how to manage and operate a product in the long run to achieve your payback period.