Advanced predictive marketing and business analytics

We collect data, calculate metrics, predict revenue, and prepare all business and marketing reports, empowering your decision-making with AI insights.

Enterprise-level AI analytics is available to everyone

Raw data collection via API:

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We provide all the tools to make marketing and businessdecisions

It's one environment to avoid doubt and to get a clear view of a company's future.

Marketing report

Flexible, fast marketing report with calculation of 200 metrics in any data breakdown (countries, platforms, OS version, build version, monetization, etc). The revenue forecast is updated every day. We take into account different commissions.

LTV calculator

Estimate the actual and predicted LTV of paying and non-paying users for all types of in-app, subscription, and advertising monetization using any data filters (countries, platforms, OS version, build version, monetization, and so on).

Target metrics calculator

Specify the required payback period and the tool will calculate all metrics (cost per trial, subscription, paying users, payments etc.) to be reached for 100% ROAS at the required time.

P&L statement

Create a profit & loss statement in two clicks with predicted cash flows from all main monetizations (in-app, subscription, advertising) with all the necessary financial metrics, VAT by country, and platform commissions. Combine as many projects as needed into the plan to assess the company's financial situation and smoothly plan for business growth.

Business report

Keep your business under control every day. The dashboard will allow you to see the performance of all your projects and whether they are achieving revenue and margin targets now and in the future.

Get funded

Share your project reports in two clicks with our trusted partners and get marketing financing or investment in your company!

New tools are coming

We are constantly in the process of developing new tools that will address real marketing and business challenges.

We provideeverything to scale your mobile business

Get a powerful predictive BI out of a box.

Revenue forecast for all monetizations (in-app, subscription, advertising).

No need SDK integration.

Tools solve real marketing and business tasks.