Control Over the Business

Collect all data from any SDK partners you have and monitor the performance of each project.

Simplify your workflow by tracking all projects in a single report

Maintaining control over various projects is one of the most difficult aspects of mobile business. It frequently happens that developers and project managers use different tools for tracking and analytics. This may lead to the complex work of bringing data into a single report for taking marketing and business decisions further.

Unify the data into a single view to see the outcomes of your work

Our Mad Curve platform is working with many data sources to gather all data from any SDK partner you have. We are able to connect to any data source, collect the necessary events, unify the data into a single view, and show the outcomes that will help you make marketing and business decisions.

Data Sources Connection

Monitor your revenue and margin achievements

This task may become even more complicated if you have multiple projects run by different teams. However, by using our business report, there won’t be any difficulties. We will collect all your projects in a single place where you can specify KPIs in the form of revenue and margin, and monitor their achievement both in the actual situation and in the future.

Business Report

Be aware of the performance of each project

If you notice that some of the projects don’t reach KPIs, you can check the project reports section, select the project you need, and look at dashboards with the most important project metrics: monetization performance, user activity, and marketing performance.

Business Report Monetization Performance

When working with forecasts, it is important to keep in mind that the revenue prediction is based on actual data. None of the predictive models can take into account factors such as your future app content, monetization events, live ops, or support quality. Your team should know how to manage and operate a product in the long run to achieve your payback period.