Estimate the Actual and Predicted LTV

Allow to make informed decisions about monetization performance.

It's simple to evaluate the actual and predicted lifetime value of paying and non-paying users for various in-app, subscription, and advertising monetization models using a variety of data filters, including countries, platforms, operating system versions, build versions, and monetization types.

LTV Calculator to Predict User’s Payments

LTV (Lifetime value) is a primary metric to estimate the solvency of your users.

The graph detects the actual user’s payments and predicts future ones.

LTV Calculator interface

Easy to Filter the Metrics

You can filter LTV based on the app build version, OS version, countries, traffic sources, and more.

LTV Calculator filters

Forecast Quality Score Availability

After applying the filters, make sure to check the Forecast Quality indicator to properly work with a smaller amount of data.

LTV Calculator Forecast quality score

Option to Switch LTV Curves

You can switch between All Users or Paying Users to evaluate different LTV curves.

LTV Calculator curves

Metrics Comparison of Different Monetization Types

In the General section, a comparison of different LTV curves is available. For example, you can compare the curves of different monetization types and understand at what point ad monetization starts to overlap with in-app monetization. It could happen if the dynamics of advertising monetization go up, while in-app monetization reaches a plateau.

LTV Calculator monetization types

When working with forecasts, it is important to keep in mind that the revenue prediction is based on actual data. None of the predictive models can take into account the factors such as your future app content, monetization events, live ops, or support quality. Your team should know how to manage and operate a product in a long run to achieve your payback period.