Prevent Cash Shortage

Understand and manage your current and future cash flow to ensure that you have sufficient financial resources to meet your expenses and avoid a cash gap.

Be up-to-date of your income and expenses

It’s important for startups and small studios to keep their hands on the pulse of their income and expenses, because financial resources are often limited.

Adjust the entire plan multiple projects

Mad Curve has a handy P&L statement tool that allows you to adjust the entire plan for various projects, make a revenue forecast, and understand the current and future cash flow.

Understand your cash flow

You can experiment with different conversions, monetization events, user acquisition budget, LTV and understand your cash flow by considering each monetization type (In-apps/Ads/Subscriptions).

P&L Statement In-App (UA) Gross

Add your data to get a precise forecast

Further, in the general section of each project, you can plan your expenses and add other revenue and commissions/VAT.

P&L Statement commissions and VAT

As a result, you will be able to decide whether you should attract financings, such as through investments or a loan to scale your project and cover your expenses without falling into a cash gap.

When working with forecasts, it is important to keep in mind that the revenue prediction is based on actual data. None of the predictive models can take into account factors such as your future app content, monetization events, live ops, or support quality. Your team should know how to manage and operate a product in the long run to achieve your payback period.