Check predicted ROAS

Get actual and predicted metrics with LTV Calculator and data on sessions & payments events to make business decisions efficiently.

Connect data sources to calculate ROAS, and get data on sessions & payments events

You just need to connect a data source via API to provide sessions and payment events. Then we will be able to calculate your actual and predicted metrics. In a few clicks, you can create the report on our platform and check all important metrics including predicted ROAS every day.

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Calculate your actual and predicted metrics with LTV Calculator

Also, you can use the LTV calculator and build a graph to see what your actual and predicted lines look like. If the forecast quality is positive, it means that there is enough data to make a precise prediction.

LTV Calculator Forecast Quality Score

When working with forecasts, it is important to keep in mind that the revenue prediction is based on actual data. None of the predictive models can take into account factors such as your future app content, monetization events, live ops, or support quality. Your team should know how to manage and operate a product in the long run to achieve your payback period.